4 Fun Ways to De-Stress At Your Work Desk

 Relieving stress at work

If you find yourself rushing from one meeting to the next, writing email after email and envying your colleague who has the time to have a short tea break yet still hits his or her deadlines each day, then it’s time to hit the brakes and take a breather.

Take your pick from this list of fun, stress-busting activities — all of which are inconspicuous enough to do at your desk.

Reboot Yourself
Your computer sometimes needs a reboot but what about yourself? Give your eyes a break from the computer monitor by shutting your eyes and applying gentle pressure to your eye sockets with the heels of your palms.

Feel a need to quiet your mind for a while and refresh your senses? Try subtle office yoga poses that won’t scare your coworkers. Close your eyes for 10 minutes and take deep breaths. Or, sit upright, take a deep breath and reach up to the ceiling with your arms wide open. Stretching helps to reduce the risk of blood clots that can result from sitting too long in one position.

Have a Pet Plant
Ever wished you could bring your pet canine or cat to work as stress therapy? Settle for the next best thing: a pet houseplant. Not only do plants purify the air, they also help you de-stress. In addition, they also brighten up your work desk. There are many small tabletop plants or terrariums that are easy to care for and available at the florist or supermarket.

Cut the Clutter

Clutter on the outside tends to create a lot of noise on the inside, often leaving you feeling frazzled and scatterbrained. Clear your inbox so you can zoom in on the most important emails and avoid missing out on important messages from bosses or clients. Then, tidy your desk by compartmentalising your items in bright and colourful folders. You’ll be surprised by how organised your thoughts and work processes become.

Get A New Perspective — Every Now and Then

At times, work troubles can seem much larger than they actually are. Keep a picture on your desk — whether it’s of your favourite beach, the Milky Way or your child making a funny face. Look at it when you feel overwhelmed and picture yourself in that moment. Amid the crashing waves, countless stars and toothy grin of your little one, how important is your problem really?        

Stay on top of your health even when at work






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